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Fourcountryregion Bodensee – fascinating diversity

New regional brand strengthens region’s position against the competition

When people talk about Lake Constance, they usually mean the greater whole. After all, it is the landscape, the countries and above all the people around the lake that make the region what it is. Three million people live and work around Lake Constance. The region extends over four countries, several cantons, districts and federal states. Nowadays, regions are in competition with each other in many respects, vying with each other to attract companies. Qualified specialists choose those cities and regions that offer them the best perspectives for both their professional and private goals. As a holiday destination, we are also up against palm beaches, mountain resorts and short city breaks. The region of Lake Constance can succeed in this competition in particular if it positions itself as an all-rounder with a distinct brand. As a business venue, it boasts a balanced mix of small and medium-sized companies and global players. As a holiday destination, the wealth of cultural treasures and the friendliness of the people here make it appealing. And as a location for research and education, its close links to innovative companies make it distinctive.

But to be able to communicate the region’s many advantages efficiently, we need an umbrella: a regional brand. One that pools the communicative efforts of all involved partners. It should also symbolise the longstanding, cross-border cooperation by the EU’s Interreg programme, the International Lake Constance Conference and other
networks around the lake.

The regional brand “Fourcountryregion Bodensee” was officially launched on 13 September 2011 in conjunction with several highlights. The brand was unveiled by the 14 project partners aboard the ferry Tábor in a spectacular event with 300 balloons in the brand’s colours of orange, red and violet. At the same time, a film presenting the brand had its world premiere, as did the biggest Lake Constance panorama picture of all time by Achim Mende, attached to the side of the ferry. Over 100 guests from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein celebrated “beyond borders” on the lake.

“Our new face, the regional brand ‘Fourcountryregion Bodensee’ suits us. Like us, it is dynamic, interesting and varied – in all respects. Its four colours stand for the four countries in the region – grouped around the region’s heart, the lake,” District Administrator Frank Hämmerle (Constance) describes the new regional brand. District Administrator Lothar Wölfle (Bodenseekreis district) emphasises: “With the regional brand, we have finally created a symbol of what is so special about the region of Lake Constance – our now traditional cross-border cooperation.”
All speakers at the launch praised the combined effort of the four countries in the project, represented by partners from the areas of tourism, business, politics and science, Baschnegger Ammann Partner (the agency from Vorarlberg responsible for developing the regional brand), as well as Lorth Gessler Mittelstaedt GmbH (film production).

The regional brand was unveiled by all project partners together. The new film presenting the regional brand shows how the brand developed and introduces the region’s gems: High-tech companies, research and educational institutions, wonderful scenery with top destinations for days out, cultural highlights and of course the lake
all compete for attention. Together with the new homepage www.vierlaenderregion. com, the film represents the new regional brand for the time being – until it has been printed on all the flyers and brochures in the region, which will boost its impact. “The launch of the regional brand is a unique opportunity for the region of Lake Constance to achieve the glory it deserves as a location for business, science and tourism. The fact that it comes top in all the
relevant rankings is further proof of this,” Thorsten Leupold, CEO of Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH, summarises the enthusiastic response of guests at the launch.

For further information on the regional brand “Fourcountryregion Bodensee” and on licenses for its use, see: www.vierlaenderregion.com

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