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Constance: tradition with a modern flair

History is a big issue in Constance but even though the city manages to combine tradition with modern elements in an ideal way.

History is a big issue in Constance. Not only was the city largely spared the destruction of war in recent centuries and earlier, it also boasts a momentous past. Traces of the town’s eventful and prosperous history can still be found today and draw thousands of tourists every year from near and far. It is also one of the reasons for the town’s popularity as a venue for international conferences.

Constance doesn’t just have a glorious historical setting to offer. Today, it is a city that manages to combine tradition with modern elements in an ideal way. The fact that it has been classified a “cultural and economic regional center” goes to prove this. In addition to culture, Constance sets great store by other areas, such as the transfer of knowledge, education, research and teaching. Indeed the town is endowed with excellent educational facilities with the University and the University of Applied Sciences. As far as industry is concerned, Constance can boast some remarkable achievements and developments. By enhancing its qualities as a location for business in recent years, the town has managed to attract a large number of small and medium-sized companies, especially in the area of new technologies. These flourishing companies are a sign that the city has developed into a highly dynamic economic center.

Constance also offers its citizens a high quality of life. This is not just because of its wonderful position on beautiful Lake Constance, but also thanks to its excellent infrastructure, which is examplary in many areas, such as child care, schools, medical provision, public transport and the many cultural and leisure facilities for young and old.

Walter Rügert


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