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Within a few years, the Group's logistics function has become a key factor for value creation and customer satisfaction and today contributes significantly to the success of the Geberit brand.

With innovative sanitary solutions, the Geberit Group aims to bring about sustainable improvements to living standards. It achieves this with its expertise, high-quality products and services. Geberit’s Sanitary and Piping Systems repeatedly set new standards and the company is committed to continuously enhancing its products.

Geberit products combine quality, design and functionality. But the company itself is also constantly evolving
to optimize its production and logistics processes. Based on this unconditional determination to pursue further development and improvement, the Group made fundamental changes to its logistics function with a completely new distribution concept. Up to 2005, logistics was not established as a core function within the Geberit Group, but was rather organized by the individual production plants. Driven by increasing and more individual customer requirements and an awareness of the importance of an efficient logistics system in optimizing the entire supply chain, a new logistics strategy was developed. Logistics was established as a core competence and the previously uncoordinated, decentralized logistics activities transferred to an effective, central Group function. At the heart of this radical restructuring was a new process model for supply chain management. Measures adopted as part of a master plan included pooling distribution in a new logistics centre, standardised transport management, integrated IT
governance and cross-functional logistics controlling. Extensive analysis led to the decision to base this central logistics centre in the existing production and logistics site in Pfullendorf. The existing logistics infrastructure was used and synergies between production and logistics in the plant strengthened. The motivated and highly-qualified staff at the Pfullendorf site were a further argument in its favour. To consolidate distribution in Pfullendorf, it was necessary to add two picking areas, a dispatch area and a further high-bay warehouse to the facility. Another special feature of the new logistics centre in Pfullendorf is the warehousing and materials handling technology. In addition to two fully automatic high-bay warehouses, the centre also uses state-of-the-art material flow engineering. The different areas of the logistics and production facilities are connected by a pallet conveyor system,
a bin conveyor system as well as electric monorail conveyors. In October 2011, Geberit received the German Award for Supply Chain Management from the German Logistics Association (BVL) for its project “The Radical restructuring of Group Logistics.”

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