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Where visions come true

”You only have to want it and believe in it, and then it will succeed.“ Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin

At the beginning of the 20th century, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin laid the cornerstone for the success enjoyed by the Bodenseekreis district today. Thanks to Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin, his brilliant colleague Claude Dornier as well as Count von Soden and Karl Maybach, many other clever minds were drawn to the region. A tradition of innovation, science and research evolved, and the Bodenseekreis district is now the strongest business location in the "Fourcountryregion Bodensee". The key sectors besides the aerospace cluster are machine construction, the automotive supplier industry, IT & electronics, leisure & health, education, research and development. The entire Bodenseekreis district with the town of Friedrichshafen as its economic, political and cultural centre boasts a high
purchasing power, low unemployment and an innovative economy. The Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen is an international airport and the second largest in Baden-Württemberg. Friedrichshafen's trade fair offers many industries ideal access to markets in the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Austria. The lake’s atmosphere,
its wonderful mountain panorama and historic towns make the Bodenseekreis district an attractive place to live, relax and enjoy a wide range of leisure activities. It offers an ideal combination of tradition and innovation, agriculture and industry, nature and culture, tranquillity and dynamics, regional and international flair. The Bodenseekreis district is fascinatingly diverse!

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